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My Experience As An Electrical Apprentice

1991, the year when the Happy Mondays were on Top of the Pops, Helen Sharman was the first Brit in space, the Gulf war began, Freddie Mercury died and Ed Sheeran was born.

It was also the year that I left school. Shortly prior to this I started applying for various jobs. One particular job was for Stanley Tools in Sheffield. This was my first ever job interview. I entered the room nervous as hell to be greeted by 1 man and 1 lady. It was 2 against 1. The pair of them made me feel extremely awkward and nervous. I can remember the exact questions asked but every question made me feel like a failure. That place is gone now, the building remains unoccupied derelict. So glad I didn’t end up working there.

Following a couple more interviews (actually conducted by human beings) I was finally successful. I was offered an electrical apprenticeship for a company called Crown House Engineering who at the time was one of the largest electrical contractors in Sheffield.

Much of the time spent at work (especially during the first year) was carrying out tasks such as making tea, going to the shop for bacon sandwiches and making sure the canteen was clean and tidy. I always remember being complimented on how clean I managed to get the tea stained cups.

I even remember being on ‘gaffer lookout’ on a Friday whilst most of the workforce enjoyed a 3 hour lunch break in the nearest pub.

So what are apprenticeships like today? Many people ask me if apprenticeships are no longer around. This is not the case at all. I will explain about present day apprenticeships next time.

If you know anyone who is interested in an electrical apprenticeship, please ask them to send a CV to [email protected]

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Jason Kelwick

Jason Kelwick is the Managing Director of Inverteck. A problem solver with 'hands-on' experience. He has been in the electrical contracting industry since leaving school and built up a wealth of experience. Connect with Jason on LinkedIn >>

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