Led Lighting….. Expensive?……… Free?
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LED Lighting….. Expensive?……… Free?

So, I remember 6 or 7 years ago. Trying to persuade people to install LED lighting in Sheffield was pretty much an impossible task. It seems that no one would buy into the idea. I think this is mainly due to the fact that people are generally quite adverse to change.

Why should I change to LED? Many said the lighting we have currently as installed is in excess of 15 years old. There is nothing wrong with it so why should I change?

I kind of got it but obviously because of what we I could see the benefits. Domestic LED lighting recessed spots are typically rated at 5 watts, compared to halogen lamps rated at 50 W. So they run at a fraction of the cost. A tenth to be exact. Who wouldn’t want that?

My name is Jason and I have worked as an electrician in Sheffield and in many parts of the UK since leaving school back in 1991.

Thankfully these days the attitudes have changed and people are now buying into LED lighting. Many non LED light fittings are now becoming obsolete with LED only versions becoming available. Whilst this can be a pain from a maintainable point of view (trying to match an existing fitting), it is a positive change from an energy saving point of view.

So what type of light is the best if you are thinking of taking the plunge and going for replacement LED lighting? There are many different ranges of lighting now available. Replacing existing lighting with LED’s should be planned before any purchasing is made or any orders are placed.

It is also worth noting that some kinds of light switches and controls do now work with some types of LED lighting. It is definitely worth getting a professional survey carried out at the planning stage to ensure that the correct choice of lighting is made.

Although Inverteck are electrical contractors in Sheffield, we are more than happy to carry out a survey free of charge anywhere in mainland UK.

There are many ways to finance projects these days such as Carbon Trust funding for commercial projects.

If you are a domestic consumer and you are interested in LED lighting, did you know you could get LED lighting for domestic properties installed free of charge?

Feel free to email us for more information at [email protected]

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Jason Kelwick

Jason Kelwick is the Managing Director of Inverteck. A problem solver with 'hands-on' experience. He has been in the electrical contracting industry since leaving school and built up a wealth of experience. Connect with Jason on LinkedIn >>

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